Sustainability and Environmental Update

At the Old Commercial Inn we regularly review our systems to make sure we are making the best use of our resources and the least impact on the environment at the same time. Some examples are:

  • When we deliver off-licence and hot food takeaway orders we often take these on foot for near neighbours so give us a wave when you see us laden down with goodies! When we need to drive we use our economical hybrid Toyota Auris which is also used for trips to suppliers.
  • While we trade in the garden during restricted Covid opening we use CE marked, compostable PLA, clear plastic pint cups which are made from rapidly renewable starch resources such as tapioca and corn.
  • We use Boxroll, UK manufactured lavatory paper made from 100% recycled pure wood pulp (sourced from environmentally and accredited forests) in all our lavatories and are happy to add a pack for you when we next order.
  • Dairy milk for hot drinks comes from friendly, local dairy Dunns at Drewsteignton in returnable, glass bottles.
  • We choose not to have a tumble drier and all the laundry is line dried whenever the weather allows.
  • Takeaway hot meal containers are made from Bagasse (pulped non-wood fibres such as sugar cane and bamboo) which is compostable and biodegradable, and we buy in bulk as much as we can. Side orders are delivered in white paper pots with PLA (Polylactic acid) lining or pure paper pots. These can all be torn up and added to your food recycling. We use paper carrier bags and smaller paper bags for shop items.

Did you know that food waste collected from homes and businesses in the Teignbridge area goes to our friends at Langage Dairy Farm? They’re the first UK Carbon Neutral Dairy with an anaerobic digester facility generating electricity from food waste. Enough power is generated to supply over 500 Households, 25,000 Light bulbs or 5,000 Laptops. Great to know while you are enjoying one of their luscious Devon ice creams! More information here.

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