Stitch Happens! – next meeting is Saturday 14th March 2020

Meeting at the Old Commercial Inn on last Monday evening (from 6 – 9pm) and the second Saturday afternoon (from 2:30 – 5pm) of each month. Bring your current stitchy project, mending, or just your ideas for something you’d like to make. Turn up when you are able and stay as long as you like. Be prepared to introduce yourself, share your love for your textile craft and make new friends.

The bar will be open as normal (we have lots of non-alcohlic and hot drink options) and snacks will be available but, please note the kitchen is closed on Mondays – the cook wants to stitch but there is homemade cake!

Those from outside the village, Bishopsteignton is well served by the buses from the east and west until late and it is only a short (admittedly uphill) walk to the pub from the main road bus stop. We have plenty of room for parking so if you are driving, please consider offering a lift from your location.

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